wants to get back in the toxic relationship
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Right now I am in my bed thinking should I get back with my ex... A part of me strongly doesn't want to. But a part of me thinks he'll chance in the future. The relationship was so toxic I almost harm my self. He is a pathological liar, he manipulate me and even took my tablet and never return me. I hate him the most. But the thought that one day he is going to be with someone else is just giving me so much anxiety. And then all the good memories just hit . It's been 3 months we broke up and we were in 2yrs relationship on and off. I am tired ..tired of this obsessive thinking about him . Although this time I have completed cut off him because he used to always ghost me for his own reason . I just want to move on . But my thoughts are killing me. And that we are twin flame . I know twin flame is just a delusional thing. But I can't stop believing in it. I hate this process. I don't know what to do. I feel fear , anxious and sometime just vanish .

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