wants to get out of a toxic relationship
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I've been with this guy for 7...almost 8 months now and things are so...complicated. I understand that things are pretty toxic. We've been through ups and downs together. He's has a streak of lying and manipulation me. When I told him I couldn't do it anymore, he sweet talked me, told me everything to convince me he wouldn't do it again. Told me about his childhood which explained a lot to me. Later we got into business together. I worked hard for it but him and his boss (Three partners total)has different priorities. Long story short,all of us got into a fight. Me and Calvin were supposed to leave the business. I asked him multiple times if that's what he really wanted and it's okay if he wanted to stay. We went there to get his stuff and his boss asked him to come up alone. I found out he's gonna continueto work there and I left the job. I asked him to take his bags from my place and leave. He sweet talked me into being with him. Next 2 days hes moved in there. Barely talks me to. Doesnt pick up my calls much,and said "I can't help it" everytime I was just venting to him a little. It ended in one of the biggest fights we've ever had. We said cruel things to each other.him more than me. He left and I locked the gate. Lot of threats from his side. After he leaves he calls me the next morning. Comes home and I let him in becausei didn't want my mom to be suspicious. He takes my phone and forces me to talk to him. Says that I can't break up with him and he won't let it happen. Physicallyreatrains me from taking my phone. My hand is still hurting a bit. 2 hours later he's sweet talking me into it. Makes things sexual and acts like everything is okay. I'm starting to get scared of him and what he'lldo if I say I want this to end again. I don't know how to go about this withoutmaking it a big deal. All I have in my head is to distance myself from him but one thing I realised is that he can manipulate me so easily and I don't even realise it at times. Uses his words against me. Guilts me. After doing the damage he gets all sad and apologises and says he'll change. I don't knowwhat I should do...

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