wants to move out of a relationship because of unhealthy restrictions, but afraid to do so because of the fear of being left alone
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I have a male bestfreind. He has been with me since 3 years. I am too attached to him and he also loves me. My family dont like him so i talk to him secretly. But now we fight daily. He is so possessive and with hig h anger issues. He wants to control everything. He dont let me use social sites. When on the other side he have over thousand followers.He wants that i should not talk to people he dont like and he like no one to whomever i talk. He puts so much restriction on me. And have people to keep an eyes on me. He fights on issues like i should not share photos of me anywhere just send them to him. To put him over career.To put him over myself.i dont have anyother person except him in my life. But now it has become toxic and draining my mental peace. I have never hurt anyone so it has become too difficult to leave him. Whenever i try to stay away from him he threats me that he will jump off the building. He loves me butt now the pain and suffering has become the dialy routine. I am not happy with him but without him i will be moree depressed. What should i do?

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