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I just need to vents. my father asked asked to make 4 videos for him, I used to love making videos from scratch as a hobby but I lost interest in it so I told him no mostly because I'm currently going through exams and I want to completely focus on trying to pass so I said "Mother said that if I can't do something I shouldn't promise I can to someone" and he took that as " Mother said I shouldn't do it" how I know that is because he and mother had an argument over me saying no and after that my mother scolded me about how I used her name to get out of not doing the videos and that if I can do it I should do it. I just feel so forced like they don't take into consideration how I feel about it to the point where I wish they never knew about my hobby it just makes me so infuriated to the point where I want to cry and I know he's going to ask again.

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