what if he finds somebody better? blames me for the wrong things he did.. yet says loves me..
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I was in a relation with somebody for 7 yrs.. but with lots of ups and downs.. always fights and arguements.. he was very posssesive and controlling.. yet would drink and smoke which i did not like but lied about things like those to me..and these alwyas created prblms between us and ended with fights and me blocking him or not talking to him for days together.. but once i cooled down...he would come talk and we would get back to normal.. this went on like forever..but in 2020 i found he was CHEATING on me.. and when confronted.. he said u never bothered about me.. always fought blocked me.. n all kinds of crap.. he only spoke abt the result that i blocked not the things that let to it.. but agaaiinn after sometime we reconciled and got engaged..but aftr the engagemnt i got to ir wasnt just one girl.. but many hookups over the yrs.i couldnt take it n called off the wedding..but now i am still not able to get over it.. it has been almst 1.5 yrs since we broke up.

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