what is dude rambling about bruu🗣️
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im gonna end my fucking shit like real soon bru im about to turn 12 on june 11th, i had surgery and have been rotting in bed for the past few weeks i cannot go see my friend or do any of the stuff that i had planned i upset my girlfriend, noone supports me being trans i speak to 20-40 year olds on a daily basis, i feel really bad cause im talking to all of thesse people and pay less attention to my gf by accident i dont know what is wrong with me and wanting to talk to older men constantly and depend on them all the time even though i know its bad cause theyre alot older and all they want from me is nsfw pics n stuff i love my gf alot tho shes the only person ive ever been attracted to ever i hear whispers and voices and im not being quirky about this i actually hear fucking voices and whispers they sound like mumbling even though i can make out what they r saying they scream at me and i cant sleep its 2 am someone please help me aannnddd euhm shits so cringe ommmgg 💯💯❗🗣️

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