What's definition of happiness
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hi all, despite having all the good things, such as me and my brother's family living in same house with parents , we both doing good job, he recently had a baby boy.... everything looks good, but none of us are happy in actual, everyone is so burned out of facing difficulties of life in last few years when things were not good, that now their behaviour shows sign that they are just living the life and not enjoying it ...if I talk about my parents, they had never gel well together from start but they stayed together just for us so that our upbringing can be done peacefully.... but now I can see that even their conversation became more frustrating....I know none of them is wrong...it's just one's correct is wrong for other... and that thing leads to fights every now and then...how to tell the parents that if they don't feel living together then why don't they get seperate through divorce....we can still live happily in same house but atleast their fights will end....to be continued

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