WHAT SHOULD I DO?pls help asap
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hi guys. So when my boyfriend and I started dating we were both broke but I had saved up a little money. I used that money to get us some food on our first date.One time I was saving up money to buy him dresses because he said he didn't have many clothes. One day he texted me to send him some money and I quickly sent him all the money I had saved up. He was always asking for money and I always sent it without hesitation. Fortunately for him he started working with his friend and he was able to make a lot of money. with that money he took me on proper dates and got better clothes for the both of us . And he told me there was no need to save because he had money. so I didn't. Now he has changed. when I ask for things that he willingly used to do after he got the money he doesn't want to .And he tells me to go ask my dad .Meanwhile he has a lot. I ask him for small things even food but he doesn't want to give But he spends the money on himself unnecessarily. he has become stingy.

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