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why we always get confused with thing ? why can't be totally happy for a while forgetting everything ,every regrets , ever failure ? why we always mess up things so badly ? why we always try to run away from ourselves , rather than face ourselves ? why we can't face people and say i am enough for me ? why we always need somebody near us ? why we always choose to be sad rather than be happy ? why we always chose negativity over positivity? why we always become weak when there is need to be much stronger? why some people not get friends? why always everybody around u misinterpret u ? why we can't feel free from other opinion? why do other's opinion matters a lot ? why do we care for being judged always ? why not everybody get same comfy life ? why sometimes life becomes so unfair ? why can't be so stronger for ourselves? why can't we say truth in front of world? why we always doubt ourselves and our capabilities ? and why we dumb so many times? why we want love always? and so many whyys

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