Why does my mom and her family hates me so much?
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Am I bad person for calling out my mom's dirty ways? I feel like I am. why does she hate me so much? no matter how hard I try I will never be good enough for her, I didn't asked to be here so why is she treating me like this? I haven't eaten for the past few days because of her, I can't focus on my school work because of her. she's always arguing and keep telling me that I'm "useless, a piece of trash, etc" I told her one day that she's selfish and she's a horrible person and she needed to change her ways, after telling her this I felt at ease, but she went ahead told my whole family that I'm ungrateful to her and my whole family looks down on me right now, they are calling me names and making me feel like my life ain't even worth it. Will they feel bad if die? should I just die? I can't handle this situation I feel like I don't exists in this world anymore, I hate myself so much , why can't I be better? I just want to not exists anymore..maybe they'll be happy? sad? neutral?

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