why he acts that way??
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The guy talks cool and sweet personally when we are two alone, while when he is with other friends in social he acts like ignoring and indirectly insults me.. Incidents 1) -I was busy in phone so did not hear what he said so just smiled at him... he suddenly told in my friends ears how boring I am 😑... Incident 2 - I asked him to hangout some place he said he feeling tired... nxt day he went there with friends and did not asked me to join... and there are many things he acts like immature ans insulting.. these Things realised late when we met offline ( On online we were helpful and had good bonding) until that I was attached to him and now still such past things gives me nightmares... Things getting affected to me as I genuine liked him and cared for him. Never forced him for his attention and truely tried to be a genuine friend... so I feel very bad for how these things happened to me.

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