You are my missed train and I am just a lost track in your playlist.
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I could have been your friend. I wanted your friendship. But I can not be your friend. You know why ?Because I love you more.And the thought that we would never be together makes me feel sad. Each time you come closer my heart made a beat faster, speaking to stop pretending. You said NO months before and from that day it was scripted to happen this way. I fooled my self for being just your friend. Though i wasn't expecting anything other than friendship but a little place in my mind never stopped thinking about us. It was pure and I wished you could ever understand this.But sometimes you need to give up for the best of outcomes. You were one of that case.Now we will never talk , we will never call, we will never laugh together, we will never study, we will never be friends.But these days are tough . Just the thought whether I did the right thing makes me sad. Hope the Infinite silence will numbed all your memories.But now I feel a looser.

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