We broke up about a month ago, our families already known each other even without formal introduction, he lost his father a month ago too, Friday is going to be the date for burial, he invited me I'm not going to attend, he disrespects me a lot, our main and only fight was his female friends, I didn't stop him from making friends but he goes by calling them every day, nothing less than 10-15 minutes conversations, I wandered? I lost myself I almost ran mad fighting for my space but he didn't stop. over 3years now, I started been violent, no way, my mental health was at stake. I'm going to cry for disrespecting me and then cry for punching and pinching, leaving scars on his body?? I stopped fighting but I never left him I kept fighting and now he walked on me saying we grew apart! I'm healing and not sure I can totally heal. I was tired of the disrespect and now invited me for burial?? I feel bad I won't go. I hope I'm doing the right thing? I'm desperate to heal.
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