Hey, to everyone reading this thankyou for atleast listening/reading my thoughts. four months back i made to new friends in a complete new city and now as time passed I've realised their personalities and aura is not what I want for myself so I've been distancing myself from them. As I've been begun maintaing my distance from them over time I've realised they don't even give a damn about my absence which makes me think did my presence even evr affected them. They're hanging out with people who they once found annoying which i making me hate them more and more and also giving me this idea that they might be doing the same with me when I was hanging out with them like bitching behind my back and in front being all loving. All these thoughts are really taking up a great toll on me. I just wish I'm not doing anything that I'll regret later on bec I've not been so lucky to get actual good friends, just earned two such great people uptill my 19 years of life.
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