hi, I am married since 2017..we have 1 boy kid. initially, my husband has no job. so I have only financial support for my family. for past 4 months I am unemployed as I have to take care my kid. now husband is only supporting all my financial needs.. since then, he started treating me like maid and dominating me.... I am started facing domestic violence. he wants me to go to job and wants my kid to take care by some one else. I am scared that I am not ready to let my kid to take care by some one(mother in law) else who is such as irresponsible in nature. for past years my mom taking care my kid. now he wants my kid to be take care by my MIL which is not fair and I won't trust her .as my kid's safety is more important than my career. please guide me how can I handle the situation.... 必必必必
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