How do I stop being so obsess with my health? Like catastrophizing to every single feeling, sensations, or uncomfortable symptoms. Help 😭. Plus it's not that severe, if I would rate it probably 4/10. but really it doesn't interfere or makes me bedridden. I'm just feeling worried 😫. I still don't wanna die now. I am not into smoking, drinking, probably I would be stressed with school works, family history doesn't have serious medical conditions. I am 19 years old and here I am having health anxiety 😫😭Actually, I don't have money for you know medical check up 😭 and I feel like I don't need it but I feel scared because a lot would say if you're worried go to the doctor then how would I if I don't even have a cent 😭. I just want someone who can reassure me if they have the same situation like me. 😭 and if I won't die for now 😭 a lot of people are dying and I feel scared because I haven't even achieved my dreams 😭
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