Am I Overreacting??
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Am I Overreacting? I am a male, aged 23, currently a Graduate Student. In my batch, there is a guy whom I want to be close friend with. 1-I understand that eventually everyone will go away but this particular friend is dropping out of the course because of financial issues. I am quite sad and upset that I will lose a good friend, academic partner too early. I mean going away after 5 years(Duration of PhD) was okay, but he is quitting at 1.5 years which is earlier than expected. 2-I desperately don't want him to go. I want to be with him as he was closest to me. I can't think about spending my PhD without him. 3-I behave like kid when I am with my friends. Friends know I am over-sensitive to friendship. 4-I never have been so close to any girl till now because I know I won't get a good girlfriend so I am not even thinking about it. But I have strong feelings for bestfriend. 5-if someone you know leaves, will you also feel extremely bad or am I being overdependent emotionally on him?

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