anger towards mother
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Is it wrong for me to feel angry whenever my mom would share memories with my father and post on social media anything about my father (his birthday or death anniv like today) who has passed away. I feel angry because she cheated and left my dad and is basically the cause of our broken family. Its been almosy 2 decade already, but I still feel like she doesn't deserve anything related to my father. Heck she even got the death claim money from my father, but I don't want her 'remembering' their good times with him because all i can remember in my childhood is trauma and my father begging her and even causing a scene just to make her talk to him. I was just a child then. After a decade, I confronted her, and she didn't even got a valid reason for leaving my father and breaking up our family. She instead pinned it on me by saying "i only did it so you can continue studying". wtf. And my mother still qcts like an entitled jerk. I'm so tired. Its like she still has a vice grip on my throat. This is why forgiveness doesn't come easy to me.

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