anxiety and depression
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I've always been an anxious person but since a few months this has increased so much. Going to a doctor is a nightmare. I went to a psychiatrist last month and was prescribed medicines. And I have felt a little better. I have had no panic attacks since 2 weeks. I am able to get out of bed. But still I have this heavy feeling in my chest all the time, like I'm scared of something but I don't know what exactly. I have very supportive and loving family, boyfriend, friends. Career is planned. Everything's perfect, I don't have any reason to be anxious or depressed and this worries me so much. Right now what is worrying me is I need to go to a doctor for prescription and dose adjustments and this is making me so anxious that I'm considering stopping medicines which is very stupid but i just can't go to a doctor. Please help me What do I do I know going to the doctor is the correct thing to do I'm so scared But I'm also scared about going to the worst phase if I stop medicines

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