anxiety and depression about career
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hello,i am a working professional since last 5 years. i am trying to get into mba but could not crack any college. last year i got one college (call it A) but left it to try again and for better college. I got better one this year (say B). but at that time results of 2 other colleges with less fess were pending. i was hopeful that i would get those. so i left college B this year to wait for other results. Now i did not get any college. At last i got same college which i got last year college A . Now due to my bad decisions i could not get into a good college and i am afraid of my decisions. i have lost my confidence. now ever during doing the admission formalities of this college A i get afraid- the thoughts that even after trying 1 more year and even after getting good college fue to my bad decision i ended up with the same college A that i left previous year. i dont know how will i be able to study even if i get into it. i fear leaving my job although i want to get out of it. i also want to do mba. but now my age is also running. i feel i have lost to my situation and taking admission compromising with situation. it is not a bad college. but not too good also that i wanted. i do want to study again but i fear again. most important while doing admission formalities of this college A i feel deep hole in heart. i feel anxiety. i feel depresser and loose confidence. what to do. should i get to college or not.

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