Anxiety of unreal situation
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I am frightened by some medicinal things.Many months ago I read a article about Sexually Transmitted Diseases which came in my facebook feed.The article had symptoms of those diseases.After reading it,I felt that I had all Symptoms.The thing which frightened me a lot it said that some STDs are dormant for years.I googled to cross check it,the things were correct.But I never had any kind kind of sexual activity with others.I only masturbate by myself.I am just graduated.One side of mind is saying that I didn't had sexual contact with others,so those symptoms might be for other diseases and nearly no chance for Std.Other side of my mind is saying,I have STD.For me Getting tested for STD is not a easy thing to do.I don't have money.I want to ask my parents.I don't how to explain my parents.I am stressed a lot.I don't know what to do.

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