Are my friends fake?
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Hello. I am confused. I have these friends, and i don't know if they're fake. You see, sometimes, they're really nice but most of the time, they talk about all the bad things i did behind my back and it's just getting on my nerves. For example, today, I had a test. I asked one of my friends if i can cheat off her and she told me yes. So i kinda copied off her. Than, after class, she was apparantly complaining to my other friends about me and just talking shit about me non stop. (my friend told me that) The friends that do that just always make fun of me, call me overdramatic, and call me a perfectionist. They make fun of me for liking organized things and they make fun of me for not wanting to be late to class. In front of me, they act like they like me a lot but behind my back, they talk shit. What should I do? ignore or talk back? (if i talk back, they will talk shit Abt me to everyone and call me a toxic and fake friend. they call me ungrateful for not appreciating the friendship

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