being too emotional
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I have always been a listener to everyone but a listener needs a listener too. I have nobody to talk with. It's not that I don't have friends I do have but I don't know why now I don't share anything with them. I keep things to myself. I feel unloved unwanted. People make me feel like shit for loving them. I have always crave for love. Jst for once I want to feel loved unconditionally. The people who makes me happy are leaving me bcoz he thinks I'm not happy with him which is somewhere true but still i love him n he makes me happy. Jst for once I want feel completely truly love. I want somenone who will never give up on me. I feel completely devastated. I'm too sensitive. My tears doesn't stop. I feel helpless. I feel choked. It will be better if death welcomes me as soon as possible

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