boyfriend- relationship(2years) effecting me mentally
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my boyfriend tends to make a lot of dark jokes, he tends to joke about me/my hair/ which could be funny to most people but these jokes hurt me. I then get angry and express to him that I felt bad from what he said. he always ALWAYS has a justification or questions how I feel, all I expect him is to apologize and everything will be okay but I need to tell him that everytime. when he doesn't apologizes- I mention how often this has happened and that all of this is really effecting my mental health(this type of situation has happened a lot in my 2 years of relationship). the fight just keeps going on. and last night he said he cannot change the jokes he makes or his behavior- all I wanted was him to implement a couple of things so that our fights get better but I don't see that happening. I always call him to tell him how I feel- he is never aware. and even when I do cry(which is alot) talking to him only makes everything worse.

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