breakdown and fight with friend
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I held in my anger to long and I don't know when it started but I was having a good to me with my best friend and I ended feeling upset so I went in my room blasted my music and ended crying my eyes out next thing I know I writing these negative words like "cunt" "bitch" "due" and " you deserved it" about excera on big poster papers and u ended up hanging them on my wall after I calmed down next thing you know my friend comes in my room asking if I'm ok and she's just trying to be supportive but I ended up laughing and saying these crazy shits and she threatens to rip the posters off my wall so i lash out I start screaming and throwing stuff and pushing her yelling"get out" and once she left I ended yo trashing my room and putting a whole in my wall i don't know what to do she was trying to help and I took my anger out on her and I made a hole in the wall my sister said that if I make another hole in the wall she's gonna kick me out I don't know what's wrong with me I tried controlling my anger and sadness and it led to this I don't even know why I was upset I was having a good time at first then all this happens

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