hey! I wanted to vent out from a long time. it has been days I haven't taken a break. studies are what that worries me. talking with people is what I choose not to do much as people can be really toxic. life in itself is dwindling around the fact of being in loneliness or solitude. I want to study but not talking a good break has restricted my capabilities to perform well in exam. I do get it. I can afford travel I should be rich right? well that is the contrary of what I am. life sometimes seems as a fictitious stage which is worth watch if you are detached. it has been times I thought of giving up life or giving life to someone. but oh all that desperate ness and affection seems bleak before the pump of testosterone you get by working out. still my personality makes me sad due to smallest of things that happen. I hope I study well today as I have exam tomorrow.
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