communication gap with family, feeling of loneliness and low self esteem
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dont know from where to start... born with lip cleft and palate.. because of that my father didnt accpt me.. never talk to me with care.. always insult me in front of every one for my mistake like i am worthless.. my mother also taunt me with my abnormality and always said that her happiness ended from that day when i born... then isolated by parents after my younger brother was born.. no proper parenting care for a 5 year old girl.. in the school also i dont hv any friend in my primary school..i dont know why teachers are also not cooperating with me.. always punish me for every silly mistake as i am not a good student as parents are busy to parenting my bro.. after that i hv 2 friend in my life when i am in seventh grd.. we are also seperated because of our stdy.. after that also i dont hv any friend in my collage life... now i am 25yrs old girl... i cant bear this lonliness any more.. i lost my all hope now... not able to communicate with family.. not able to make friends because of horrible experience in my childhood... its make me a introvery person with low selfesteem...

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