communication gap with family
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I’m 20 years old, I’m having a family problem where my parents are too concerned about society that they don’t let me spread my wings. Just yesterday, I went out for a meeting with my first client and it got a little late so o got home after the curfew which is 7:00 and I got home at 8:30 due to the far distance travelled (I wasn’t alone my team was with me), the moment I reached home i was scolded severely and no one bothered about my achievement or how the meeting went, it was heart breaking and I feel like my parents just want me as a trophy child that this Indian society would consider good.  This behavior isn’t new, they’ve always stopped me from going out for fun or just to hang out with friends because they find it useless and the over protectiveness seems to have given me anxiety now. Keeping that aside I’m scared that I’ll get suicidal because since yesterday, I’ve been having thoughts of just slashing a knife to my wrist or just self harm in general. I know I need a therapist to talk to but I don’t know anymore, I’m just lost and I keep breaking down. It’s like I don’t have the emotional stability that I used to anymore...

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