concerned about father's health
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Hey im 25 year old female my fufji whom i consider my father was diagnosed with cancer this April after his operation i shifted to his home where his mother was ill so ha dto to of both things did not turn in our favour and she died but in bw this process thing went rough as she never much liked my family and my buaji who lives in her parental home is a nice person but with shades she is stubborn dominating manipulative lazzy and mostly things what she things is right so she did not cooperate with us in this situation and even dad's mum was wrong at places too after the death dad had to sit on strict kriya where again she did not come for nay help we thought of it as social anxiety and tried to manage the situation. The taaaney also my dad was left unattended as i was on my periods and they as usual were following rituals mean while my older bua was there yo help us but my mom does not perform any task so older bua manages both homes and she is herself ill my buaji did not cooperate much she fought with her own sis's bro amd the behaviour is still constant she hits her sis sometimes fight with neighbours she is not even paying attention nd becos of her we might end up loosing our property amd end up in legal case we already are going through one financially too we belong to a middle class family also the amount of stress my dad is going through troubles me alot along with other family memebers.she abused me did not let me come back to my own home when i needed a space to vent breakdown and heal fufaji' mother was bed ridden and dillusional i went through a very hectic exhausting schedule where she used to throw food while feeding i had sleepless nights my meals used to skip also the time when my fufaji was sitting on kriya his health degraded as he was not suppose to even walk much after operation and then following the hard rituals for 12 days after that my health started defarding seeing all this i was also becoming used to alcohol which i stopped eventually but had symptoms later im diagnosed with hyper thyroid and im having etizolam my thyroid is can be cured by meds but i m having sever headaches high pulse rate im have become forget full and at times a become very angry and also inhave become very sensitive my personal life has been a mess since i was 16 i had depression for 6 years i love y mom she is a nice person but her ways of doing things are totally wrong and what angers me is injustice the way she is not paying attention on family needs and still how my fufaji and buaji never speaks against her and how it is effecting my fufji how lonely and unhappy he and been thought out his life she never fulfilled any wife duties and how unhappy my other family members have been and the issue is evey one at my home has different hhealth issues which they ignore my older bus has infeority complex i really don't know how to handle the situation im trying my best to work outside as well take responsibility of home but then i have symptoms like head ache night pulse rate sometimes i feel afraid sometimes i get annoyed by little noise and sometimes i become so angry that i forget my limits and start hitting people which i really don't want to do also i feel if i was more more conscious although i did eveeything apart from talk g care of myself which i could not becos i had zero support fafuaji's mom would have been alive and now im afraid for my dad his mom i was not that attach to but just by thinking of loosing any of family memebrr i feel like it also will be end of me as all i have is then however they are my mother i call my bua my mother as my parents left me when i was toddler most of my personal realtionship and friendship but they have in past shown sign of progress slow but yes theybhave changed so i think things will be alright but i don't want to take any chances with my dad but i can see my health degrading i want to ask is it due to thyroid as most are the soynptoms of hyper thyroid but then why am i given anxiety pill ? And also ask to cosult a doc if for further medication or therapy

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