confused about career
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I passed B. Tech in 2016. My father suggested for deled in 2016. But I declined. Now after 5 years I am regretting for my decision because I am doing private job of 12 hour. Is it good to go for deled after 5 years of passing graduation? Some days earlier , I have gone home and I hear the same incident that has happened 5 years ago. Now a days , My mind continuiously go through the thought that I should had go for deled i.e course for primary teacher. Sometimes I thik whatever I am doing private job of engineering construction as it provides good money. sometimes I think I will left job and go for deled this year then i thik its too late . My mind is havind different thouhts at different time. I donot able to understand how yo decide one thing . I want to see everone happy. whenever i go to village i see my father sad every time. What to do

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