confused about relationship
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I and my gf had an argument two months back.She lied to me about something and i caught her. We stop talking for a week and by that time she was attracted to a "guy"who was kinda caring to her.She developed feelings over time and decided to even love him if I were to leave her.That guy however flirted with other girls and when she came to knew this she started to hate this guy and came back to me.I asked about this guy and all she told was they were friends but when i asked the guy about it,he sent me the chat screen shots and they clearly were flirting before this.She confronted she liked him but not anymore.Im confused coz i didnt even broke up with her yet she already found a substitute.She now is begging to stay.She tell me sometimes she doin it for the guilty feels and sometimes she says she loves me .She likes confusing me .Help me guys

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