Confused about relationship
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Confused about how I feel about the conflicts in my relationship... I was in a relationship for almost 4 years. We broke up recently due to HUGE issues and he asked me money for all the caring things he had done for me during the relationship. Let me elaborate. I was in a relationship with this guy who was amazing. The most caring guy in the World. But he started becoming more controlling and abusive with time... He isolated me from the World. I had to call him and let him know whenever I go out AND give him a call once I reached home. He said thats for my safety. But I cant live forever like this. There was a lot of verbal abuse. Which escalated to physical when he held my neck to make me listen to his words because I was sobbing heavily and badly wanted to go home... I was sobbing because he tried to sexually abuse me... I did not want to get intimate at that moment... He couldn't understand... He became so abusive that he pushed me to attempt suicide... (He didnt push me literally but I just couldn't take it anymore) It became too much for me. So I broke up... Thats when he became super mad and started abusing me 100000 times worse than before... It got to a point where I stood in my kitchen holding a knife to my wrist and all he did was laugh.. He kept pesturing me for money for all the help he did for me... I did not expect this from him... Its love... Its unconditional... I had also done things for me. Ive been there for him when no one else was... Gave all my time for him... Skipped exams for him brcause he was feeling extremely down... I prioritised him above everything. I went against my own family... And in the end, its totally not worth it... But he kept pesturing me for money... I was not having it... I decided to distance myself away from him completely and it worked fine. But he wasnt able to live without me ig? He asked me to talk to him because he was feeling extremely down. As paying respect to our relationship, I decided to be a good friend to him.. Recently, he's extremely patient. His anger comes and goes once in a while. But he's calmer now. I used to dependent on him. Now Ive grown out of that. Hes expecting me to ask for his help. But I dont want to. I'm scared of him asking money for whatever he does for me. So I want to steer clear of all that stuff... What am I supposed to do? Should I get back with him? Im doing so well professionally! I think he has changed. Should I fall back into the old patterns? Get into a relationship with him again? Ik for a fact that the relationship would mean co-dependency.

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