A lot has happened n changed in my life from the past 2 years.. I was kinda getting a hold on them slowly n something I wasn't quite expecting happened n now this is something I don't even get how it happened or what to do with it. so, I guess I have a crush on this guy from my high school who seemingly had a crush on me but never confessed. We almost never talked intentionally nor we had any personal contact. We seem to be similar in many aspects n were in the same class for more than 4 years but we strangely never really got to have much of contact n conversations. I had a doubt about his crush when I noticed some of his friends tease him near me at times n saw him blush. I wasn't expecting that n pretended to not hear.. I didn't have any feelings for him back then but since I noticed what I mentioned about him, he was there in d back of my head I guess.... it's been 6 years n I suddenly have a lil crush on him n don't even know how/why. I try to brush it aside bt idk wht to do.
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