dealing with depression, ocd, unproductivity and daydreaming,
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Any psychiatrist here ? Why there is no medication for unproductivity , even it misses in DSM ..I have recovered from underlying ocd & depression part but what to do residual unproductivity at that extend that I don't take care of my hygeine ..I have tried all SSRI'S & most of the antipsychotic , TCA & what not ? I think psychiatry is helpless when it comes to treating unproductivity & daydreaming etc ..My mum has schizophrenia but my doc told me I don't have that ..well , I want a chemical fix to everything & don't want to do anything on my own , but this too is not intentionally , I feet helpless ..Who don't want to work specially when he is very talented but unfortunately you feel helpless with your patterns

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