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last year in sept. i lost my lover. it has been more than 6 months now. the first few months were like hell. i started to heal after a hard time, or i thought so. i started to miss him less. just when i thought i was getting better, it actually got worse. how can i cope up with the loss? i dont know. everytime i think about him, my heart shrinks and my throat just feels tight. the pain is physical. i realized i was comparing every little thing with him. i couldn't focus anywhere well. losing someone i thought was my soulmate hits hard. the more the time passed, the more isolated i became from things. i excluded myself so much that i feel lonely even in a crowded room. i was diagnosed with clinical depression last week. the fact is just killing my soul like slow poison. there are many other issue pushing me down and down. it has been hard. i dont know how to go back to being normal. i feel lonely, sick, depressed...

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