depressed because of divorce and family issues
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I am iha..... I am going through a lot of problems at the same time depression out of it. I had a divorce last year....I was ok with it at that time even i had a lot of pressure from my parents side. I had my best friend with me to console and gave me good company. After that i fell in love with him and it was a beautiful feeling to get best friend as my love. We had best time together and best relationship too. Nothing mattered us. But now after being lockdown and parents started searching for a boy. Whoever comes I used to reject them. Right now i cant tell them about the relationship as we didnt get any job and he is 21 yet....and I am 22. I had a lot of struggles to get back to normal day by day. My parents doesnt want me to stay here anymore ...due to their tension they speaks that way ..i can understand. But i cant cope up with it. I dont want anyone else other than him in my life. When i talked to he couldnt do anything now ...with his job as the situation is like this....he told me how could you handle the situation there for long time....You better marry the guy your parents saying. Along with parents pressure his withdrawal is also haunting me badly. I dont know anything.....I even feel like giving peace to everyone at the same time by giving up on my dreams and goals and life toooo. Parents see me as a enemy now...waking up in the morning i feel why the hell did God gave me another day. Along with that He dont talk to me now....He keeps distance too. My mind is fully distracted and disturbed😐😐

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