Depression and lack of support from family
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Hey guys, I'm not comfortable in expressing my thoughts here but I have nobody to talk to. I've had some problems in speaking, I speak very fast or I experience slurred speech which makes it difficult to understand but I never had this permanently, i used to experience this once in a while but since a few days I'm having problems even when I want to say simple things, I'm not even able to talk to my friends because I'm embarrassed of myself. I had one exam a few days earlier and it was very easy but I couldn't write anything, my hand was not cooperating, it was like my handwriting was stuttering. I broke down from inside and just felt so numb. I couldn't write and couldn't speak since a few days. I've been experiencing some neuro issues since 1 2 years with depression and anxiety. I told my parents and they blamed it on me and said it's nothing, you are making this up. Never in my whole life I've felt this lonely that I'm in my room since 1 week and I'm not able to talk to anyone, I talk to myself to check if I'm able to speak or not. None of my friends checked on me and my parents blame me for my issues. I've never felt this lost before, I've seen a lot in my life but i never felt this defeated. Imagine I'm a very cheerful and kind of an extrovert person but I'm avoiding everything because I can't speak, I want to talk but I can't. I feel like dying. I don't know what's next and I don't know what am I expecting writing this here but I feel broken, I can't even process what's going on, feels like Brain fog or anxiety something. I'm in pain. This is not good. I want to talk. I need help.

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