depression because of family problems
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please help me I'm at dead end now....I've a lot of family problems nd I don't any kinda support from them....I can't tolerate this amount of mental torture now,, neither I can even focus on my studies someday I used to be a bright student , nor on music literally I left singing .... I'm completely hopeless now. I don't have any eternal friend. Now all I got is a supportive guy who always try to make me positive , he keep telling me to love myself , to believe in myself, he always motivates me, most importantly he's the only o e who cares n I followed what he said but nowdays my mother's mental torture is unbearable so I can't tolerate this anymore n my father don't give a damn about me there r no hopes left within me horrible mental torture r happening with me but I've given just a short description I'm becoming arrogant n depressed day by day, I can' t even eat/sleep/exercise.. please help me atleast with my studies

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