Depression because traumatic life experiences
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Hi!! I am a mom to 5 boys and married now for 11 years. We have been through so much the last 5 years. Mostly financial loss and burden that has led to a lot of loss (home, vehicles), bankruptcy, ability to pay bills on time, ability to afford things when we need them, having to seek help from non profits for food and bills and government assitance for food and health care. It just creates such a large burden and stress and fear of not being able to have what you need. We also have gone through loss of family members through death.. all of our grandparents (my husband's and I) have died in the last five years. We also have lost family members due to relationship strains and friendships due to religious change/differences. I also have been dealing with postpartum depression and PTSD from traumatic births. I did reach out to my doctor for medication for help and am on antidepressants. It has helped tremendously, (mostly with anxiety and panic attacks) I have been taking them for 6 months now.. But I'm just struggling still with just feeling tired, wanting to sleep all the time, no motivation at all,, wanting to just stay in my home and hide and having no desire for friendships at all. And because I feel that way, that part makes me feel sad and hate myself. I want to have energy..I want to have friends..I want to desire to go outside and take walks in my neighborhood without feeling annoyed that my neighbors want to talk to me.. I am so lonely.. yet I do not desire at all to talk to anyone.. Just looking for encouragement as well as advice on how to help those feelings..

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