this is probably just me overthinking but I have this medley of problems going on rn literally suffocating me to start if me and my bf would vc all day to study like we would only talk on breaks and study mostly he took this initiative about a year ago when I couldnt bring myself to study due to severe low episodes so yes it went on for a year until 3 days ago his mom lashed out and didnt allow him to be on the vc anymore his mom diesnt like us being in a relationship he also stopped meeting me because of that and this took a huge toll on me from seeing a person 24 hrs a day to absolutely 0 to recieving blow kisses throughout to like 5 chats in the day coz hes busy and to top ot all off my math exam the most imp one in my life is on this Tuesday and I absolutely despise this subject and it has been the main source of my low episodes anxiety and self doubt since the past 2 years as I was forced into it and I cant study it leading to just more anxiety over this half type separation
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