Difficult life circumstance
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Hi! I am a muslim girl 28 belonging from an ultra conservative family. I peronally hate my mother ( hell yea I do). She literally ruined my life but as per my religion, I am not even suppose to stop her but rather listen to her and do what she says. Now I did mba along with mphil. Then I opted for a job. At that time I was 25 but Covid ruined everything for me and mother made it worse. She made me sit at home and wait for Mr.Right to appear. For 2 years, proposals came in and kept rejecting me for extremely minor reasons such as: I don't talk much, I have no tongue in my mouth, my dad is a paitent, my dad used to work a long time ago, my dad is disabled, I am not 22 yrs, I am not a specific cast etc. My mother not only verbally abuses me but physically hits me as well. My father is disabled, has no ability to help me. My bro? my mom made him my enemy. He wants me gone from the house and get wedded. They found a 35 yr old man for me now who I don't want. Please help me

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