Do i need a therapist? will that solve my problem?
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My parents are very toxic i dont know how to handle them. they want me to get married, so every time i meet any guy they have choosen for me and things dont go ahead, they blame it on me.. many a times my mom says that I look like prostitute, sometimes she say someone should beat you for getting ready like a prostitute. Dont get me wrong here, i never expose even an inch of my skin, she is very crazy. In fit of anger I feel like throwing things here and there and sometimes at them too but I control myself. after one such argument my parents dont give me food for next 8-10 days, no one even talk to me. I eat alone in mess and live all by myself at home and outside, then 2-3 days they will behave good then again some fight and again they will cut down on my food and mental torturing and taunts. I am financially independent, i work really hard and come home to this.. for years now. Also i am not allowed to leave home and stay away. All this is affecting my mental and physical health.

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