don't know what to do
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well I am in 12 standard my pre boards will going to start from next week and in my school all the syllabus has been completed but according yet I have to complete some chapters cause am not that much of confident in that chapters plus I have to revise the chapters also . so I have decided to not to go to school this week because there is no use to go there and it's better to do study at home so it's about two days I haven't gone to school and my parents were mocking at me about how.g to school even my attendance is also up to the mark it's like more than 75 percent of it but they think that my attendance is poor although they have seen my attendance card and they were just forcing me to go to school so am sayi.g that I have to complete this much of chapter and I am telling.g you like am doing 7 chapters in a day in all the subjects my schedule is just pathetic they can't even see this they think that I used to sleep on the home that's why am not going to school

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