experience anxiety and panic, because family issues and mother's health, and studies
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Right so I'm in England, year 8 at secondary school. I have one term left and it's scary. It really is terrifying to think it has moved so quickly from year 7 to year 8 to now year 9. Year nine is where it begins to get tough. Suddenly everyone is focused on options, options, options and it is really hard to follow when all this stress is about. My mum is getting an operation this month, a pretty large one that is going to take around 2 hours to do so I'm really nervous. Not for her not waking up again, I mean she's got it done around 2 times (that haven't properly worked) already so I'm not worried in that aspect. I'm generally worried about the actual aftermath: the pain, the changes ect along with my school stress it's going to get alot harder. I had a panic attack last night. Well I think I did, it matched all the symptoms and God it was scary. Traumatizing to be completely honest. You see, my parents just don't get it, they never have understood my health when I have spoken to my teachers that have rang them and all that. I kind of just speak to my friends and 1 teacher that has helped me through everything. I remember having a meltdown at the end of class and she rushed over and sat on the floor with me until I could breathe better. Not speaking, nor having physical contact, more just being there when it got really hard. Any ways that isn't too relevant. So it's safe to say all this is getting harder and only harder expecially with my current circumstances and emotions mixed together. I guess I just needed a rant ; please leave some advice or just some nice words of encouragement. This is my 1st thing so I hope it is 'alright'? Anyways stay safe and be the best you can be. Take it one day at a time and just try and open up. Xx

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