experiencing anxiety, depression and sleep issues
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Trigger Warning ⚠️  Does it ever get better 😔 Okay so it’s currently 1:21Am and it’s Thursday i cant sleep because my anxiety and depression keep me up , my depression comes from my health anxiety . 😩 and then i spiral into this deep hole and just loose myself in the midst of it all 🥺 i just feel so sad and depressed I don’t wanna give up though i love life i gotten myself out of depression twice in the past years all happened cause it was triggered by my health anxiety 😫 but i get scared that right now I won’t be able to feel better again . I been feeling this way for about 2 weeks I believe today feeling my worst i feel like puking because I’m so scared i won’t get better again ! I have no insurance for therapist and my family isn’t supportive 😔 i just feel so lost and alone im tired I haven’t slept well either 🥺

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