experiencing mood swings around mensuration
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Hey i am a girl of 17, indian. Lacto vegetarian. I get severe hormonal mood swings. Generally i am a calm and strong person. But before a few days of my period (pms) i start crying on very insignificant things or all the other big things that i suddenly remember. I become a needy kind of person. Now i am not sure whether i suffer from sever pms that is pmdd. Soo is there any way to know that. I get severely painful periods on the 1st dn 2nd days nd a migrane on 4th day. I doo get joint and muscle pains but i dont know if its related to the cycle or anything else. I am nervous because during those days, i get soo emotional nd sensitive to things that i feel like i dont wanna continue with life anymore. I feel like there is no point in living as life is full of challenges nd i m better of without it. Its not that i get suicidal or something. Its just that i dont feel like "wanting to live". It feels hopeless. Nd i know its the hormones doing jt but i cant do anything about it. I have done nothing to harm myself but my mind just goes like i wish i dont wake up tomorrow cuz i am just done. When the cycle gets over and i get back to normal it feels stupid. But i am not able to control it. I dont wanna take medicines nd meditation doesnt work for me. What should i do. I do perform physical workout but it doesn't have any difference. I am afraid that if this gets more severe then i could harm myself nd i dont want to do that. Soo what can i do?

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