Feeling exhausted and unhealthy relationship with parents
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I don't exactly know from were to begin.... Coz it's too much it's really very exhausting for me..... I have started feeling unloved unwanted disliked and just a burden for all those whom I talk to or i'm connected with..... It's really frustrating for me because I can't understand what exactly is happening to me .... All I want is to go far far away from everybody and just cry and cry and cry the whole time.... I had this feel in me from a very long time but in 2-3 yrs its just going out of my hand .... I'm always irritated and gets angry on any reason .... This thing is eating me from inside .... I'm fed up from my family ... To be honest those post on instagram say hit a like if u love ur parents or about how much a mother love matter to them and many others is just very irritating because I don't feel that love for my mom and dad i'm done faking things up just for the sake of society... I recently went to a salon and got myself a really crazy haircut which has been greatly criticised by my relative ,family frends, and all those people who are included and are called as a society and about which I really don't give damm because it was getting way too heavy for me on and in my head to handle that the only way I could figure out was to go through a fucking cray haircut but now I feel that even that is not helping me much ..... I just can't figure out what to do .... I for the very 1st time in my life failed an very imp exam of CS executive grp2 and after that only I got and haircut.... Well i'm even trying to focus for my dec grp1 exams which I honestly don't want to appear for but just doing because my parents won't understand me and my situation at all and that's why I haven't even told them these thing !!! All I feel is to get alive because me being living like this is not actually called living for me !

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