grief of an unfaithful relationship
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I'm 21 years old .5 years ago I fell in love with a boy .I was in class 9 .I don't kniw whether it was love or just infatuation or lust .But I lijed him so much .He used to share abt everything.In the middle of our relationship he said he loves another girl from our same school.I even accepted that .Because I had a fear of losing him.luckily ,the girl didn't love him back.And our board exams were finished and the results were published.He was 12 th grade and I'm in 10 th grade.After the results published he got little low marks and he started blaming me becoz it all happened just bcoz if me .It was he who distracted by flirting with other girls.we even had sex but he left me all alone .And now I heard that he is in relationship with anthor girl .And it feels like I deserve to be died.

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