Guilt of taking a stand for self
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Hi, A long post.. Well I had met a girl for arrange marriage for 3 days.. And at first I did like her and hence in haste my marriage was fixed. Bt over the course of 2 3 weeks I was not able to communicate and realised I did haste in taking the decision. Did try to convey the same to my parents but they started to make me understand that this is not how things are done... This went on for 6 months and every prep was done inspite of my protest but due to covid the marriage got delayed. Now post it I started to fight my parents again and this time the marriage was called off.. I feel very guilty that my parents and the whole community was hurt because of me. But I was not able to talk to the girl and was not able to treat her right.. And the girl was from a very conservative family hence she was still ready to go ahead. I started to be very negative about life in general and had to call off the marriage but I feel very guilty and even my parents dont talk to me as because of me they are ashamed. She was a good girl and I tried s lot to be positive but I really was not able to be positive. I really don't know whats wrong with me. All I had to do was be happy with a girl... But I couldn't do that. I am 29 and a bald guy... Probably won't be getting married now. But I have a lot of guilt over this instance.

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