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some ppl say happiness can be bought by money but some say money can't buy happiness money can buy u comfort or easiness in lyf bt it doesn't mean u will be happy. Being happy is not a thing it's an emotion and feeling which comes from heart yeah u can make PPL happy with money bt it's for a short while bt what a true happiness is it will be long life evryone hve thier own thoughts. it's just like body can be sold bt soul can't be. life is very precious..u can extend someone's lyf whose sick with money bt u can't bring them back from death even if u spend ur whole fortune. money bound us where our feelings free us from every bound it set us free. i know it may not be pratical bt still it's true. is it really possible for us to bought everything by money? is it really that powerful than our own emotions? everyone do share ur way of happiness. what makes u most happy? and hope this tym it won't be an argument like i said no one's right or wrong it's just we have different thoughts.

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